You will need
  • cardboard,
  • gum
  • satin ribbon,
  • glue
  • scissors
  • stapler,
  • Scotch
  • markers,
  • pencils,
  • watercolor,
  • rhinestones
  • sequins,
  • braid,
  • paper – ripple,
  • foil,
  • women's jewelry,
  • small children's toys.
For the manufacture of trim will fit a variety of materials, but the most simple and accessible is ordinary cardboard. Any patterns to do. Just take a piece of cardboard and roll it into a cone.
The extra angle must be carefully cut off with scissors so that the cap exactly on the table. It is immediately formed and the size of the cap. Usually make it small so it'll be funnier to look at the head. Now you must connect the edges. You can use glue, but the fastest and most convenient way stapler. Base.
To ensure that the cap stayed on top, necessary to cut off a small piece of elastic and secure it with duct tape on the sides. You can also use the ribbon-tie closure, but it is less practical.
You can now go to the most creative stage – the painting and decorating a party hat. A lot of options, it all depends on your imagination and sense of humor. You can paint the caps of watercolor paints in different colors, or draw funny figures. You can sign every funny nicknames or decorate with markers and crayons.
If you have artistic inclinations not, then do some applique. Here the choice of materials is huge, if only enough of your design ideas. The simplest way to stick various rhinestones and sequins. You can use small baby toys, butterflies, sold in floral departments, badges or artificial women's jewelry. Funny will look cut from magazines and pasted pictures of celebrities next to pictures of the birthday boy – a kind of collage.
To finish the edges with suitable satin ribbon, gathered in a frill or color corrugated paper. The top cap can be decorated in various pompoms or stars cut from foil.
All this work will take you not much time, but will create a joyful and a bit childish atmosphere of the birthday celebration. All guests will be pleased a little to feel the time again children.