You will need
  • Balloons, colorful posters with wishes,flowers, candy and fruit bouquets, decorations for wine glasses, confetti, photos of birthday gifts.
The first step to home decoration, undoubtedly, there will be inflatable balloons. They can not only scatter and hang around the house, but also to form some kind of festive arrangement. You need to consider where the balls will look the most effectively. You can also tie the balloons garlands, tie them photos of the birthday boy and even attach notes with wishes. In General, using your imagination, you can come up with a lot of interesting things.
Very nice and original will look decorated walls. For example, you can attach not only bright poster with congratulations, but also a variety of interesting compositions with photos of the birthday boy. Can be hung on the wall of his portrait, attached to a bouquet of flowers.
It is very important that the interior of the house contained a festive mood. In addition, bouquets of flowers, you can create candy and fruit composition. Will look beautiful, sprinkled in a salad bowl or a vase with beads and colored balls, and crocheted design for wine glasses. Impressive look and decorated candles. Need to think carefully about the way gift giving, this can be, for example arrows, laid out on the flat.
Also, the festive mood will create scattered across the floor like flower petals and confetti. Most importantly, the design of the house to the day of birth, to apply all their imagination, taste, and humor.