Indispensable attribute of any birthday party are balloons. They can be used regardless of who celebrates the holiday - the man or woman. The main thing that they had well-chosen color. Men suit white or silver balls, multi-colored, mainly pink shades. Arrange them as you like, as long as their was a lot. In the case of the anniversary of the men one can put numbers age. Balls should be placed away from computers and other electronic devices can be destroyed by electrostatic charges.
Rare birthday without colorful posters. Forget about the existence of large format plotters at least for a day. Draw a poster of the usual gouache. In extreme cases, create a freehand drawing on the sheet in small format, then enlarge using a scanner and the same wide format plotter. Especially the birthday boy will like it if posters will be several.
Experiment with fluorescent colors. Put them on posters, balloons. But do not paint the surface of those objects that are in the workplace constantly. Do not modify in any way the appearance that will remain in the workplace, and after the ceremony. In order to cause the fluorescent paint to glow, only use a UV safe bulb. Such a lamp bulb in the off state has a black color. Suit and a blue fluorescent lamp - from her many such paints is also well lit.
Change the screensaver on your computer desktop counterparts. In this case, the old background, save and be sure to tell the hero of the occasion where the file resides to the "Wallpaper" can be restored.
In any case, do not put directly on the table colleagues cake (especially with candles), tea, etc. there may be important documents. For buffets, use separate tables.