If you fancy need "seed capital" in order to begin your registration, you can view a portfolio of companies involved in design rooms and generate ideas.
Balloons filled with helium, you can decorate chairs in the Banquet hall. You can use them as the basis of bouquets of balloons. And balloons with helium can be used as a surprise, put them in a big bag, and in the most solemn moment of release into the wild.
Using double-sided tape balls can be fastened to each other, and thus make the arches, paths of balloons, figures of balloons.
To make the arch, heart, palm, and any other volumetric shape of the balls you need to use wire as a frame. If the frame is not, then one broken bulb can ruin the whole composition.
To the composition of the balls was concise, in the design of one room it is best to use no more than three colors of the balls (if only initially, is not specifically intended fussiness in the design, for example, for a children's show with clowns, etc.).
Balls it's best to not inflate by mouth and hand or electric pump. Tie the balls need not thread, and strong knots (which, if desired, it will be difficult to untie).
Using different size and shape balls easier to create different theme song. For example, a combined four balls of the same color and size and inserted in the middle of the ball is smaller and of a different color, and the flower is ready.
Long colored ribbons attached to the balloons will help to create an atmosphere of fireworks, festive rain, the elusiveness of the moment.
When used in making gel balls, be aware that these balls fly an average of 16 hours (balls, pressurized air will not be blown away for about a week), therefore, to arrange a room much in advance does not make sense. The best time for registration – for an hour or two before the event.