A gift to a colleague is a sign of respect and attention. Despite the fact that the day of birth - this is not a corporate holiday gift should be aged, but healthy and pleasant.If the colleague you are working for a long time and know about his Hobbies, give him a useful thing for fishing (if he is an avid fisherman), a set of elements for the model railroad (if he is interested in modeling), a guest visit to a prestigious fitness club (if he can not imagine life without sport), certificate to buy cosmetics (if a colleague always comes to work with perfect makeup).
If you know a colleague, but don't encounter often on business issues, congratulations with the day of birth is attention, not associated with intimate relationships.A good gift for a colleague of a business accessory is a comfortable grip, a good notebook or diary - in short, something that will be useful in work.
If you have a colleague a good relationship, you communicate quite closely on business issues, but do not know enough about his Hobbies, give something that will surely enjoy.A set of Darts, table hockey, fun holder for papers or stationery set for office, decorated in an unconventional way, will be a great choice!
After you decided what to give, you need to think about how to present a gift.You can just pass it from hands with warm wishes, you can come into work a little early and leave the gift on the table, and can decorate the office with balloons and ask them to attach them to the MMS - so the day of birth to remember.