Prior training

Find out what the media in your city you can order greeting. On the radio you can enjoy your favorite song of jubilee. With regard to Newspapers and television, the options to congratulate birthday through these media several. In fact, and in another case it may be just a greeting – card on the TV or the module in the newspaper. But small media can enjoy an article about the jubilee or the TV news. You need to inform, when will the material.

Flowers and beads

An anniversary is rarely complete without plenty of flowers. You can give the flower for every single year. However, some are afraid to give an even number of flowers to a living person. If you or the celebrant prone to such prejudice, do not give all the colors at once. Divide the total number into 4 bouquet of 15 flowers in each. Bouquets can be arranged in different flower shops. The bouquet can be accompanied by a card of congratulations, but not necessarily. If the hero of the day – nature romantic, give your greetings a bit of mystery and not tell who they're from. And you can even make a bouquet of balloons.

Albums, movies, presentations

Prepare an album of photographs of the celebrant. Accompany each of the short interesting story. At the gala evening appropriate to show a film about the celebrant or a computer presentation. The most important thing to take care is that the material that you will show, there was nothing offensive to the celebrant or guests .

Hairdresser, SPA and so on

To mark the 60th anniversary can be anywhere – in a restaurant, at home, at the dacha, on nature. It all depends on the inclinations of the celebrant. Cafe or Banquet hall you need to rent in advance. Take care of a good host. The circumstances of life of the celebrant need to tell the host in advance. Discuss with him the script of the holiday. Try to arrange it so that the hero of the day was less busy preparing. Write down the hero of the day in a SPA, to a good hairdresser, a makeup artist.

Why not the club?

Anniversary does not have to celebrate it at home or in the restaurant. If you live in a big city, surely you will find any club with an interesting concert program. If your celebrant loves aristocratic game, he will surely enjoy a feast hosted for him at the club with Billiards and a bowling alley.


Anniversary – a great reason to give the man something, as he is very long dreamed of. Don't have to do a gift from each guest, you can collect money from everyone and buy something really valuable. Lover of theatre, or music will certainly appeal the ticket to an interesting concert or a rare performance. A great gift – a ticket to travel.