The interior of the working Cabinet can be issued in two variants – exclusive or including a standard set of office furniture. The standard set contains a Desk, office chair, furniture or wardrobe and a small sofa.

Various designs and styles, a huge selection of materials help to translate into reality the most original and diverse design options.

The most common piece of furniture for your rooms is a Desk with two side tables made of solid wood. Keeping the style of past eras, today's manufacturers of traditional office furniture using progressive technologies of processing of wood and wood-based materials and automation of technological processes. With all of this is combined with some handmade decorations.

However, the popularity of tables with tabletops made of glass and underframes made of natural stone. They are fundamentally changing the stereotypes about the appearance of the table, and make it a fundamental element of any office for work.

Thinking through the design of the Cabinet, many wealthy and rich businessmen opt for the furniture that is made according to exclusive order of the array. This furniture without any words, always emphasizes the respectability of its owner.

The original use of a variety of methods of decoration, such as mosaic and inlays of wood veneers, always emphasize the individuality of the office.

The optimal solution for the design of the classrooms is the introduction of genuine leather. Various sofas and chairs are a permanent piece of furniture in the office.

Very diverse styles and design solutions have shelves and niches for storing documents. They can be built-in or stand alone. Doors can be operated hinged or sliding and made of glass or of an array. In recent years, popular was the introduction in the interior of the Cabinet cabinets for acoustic or video equipment.

In addition, when you make the unique office interior, you can use a variety of decors and accessories, including a small bar, a table for playing Billiards and much more.