You will need
  • - photographs;
  • balls;
  • tape;
  • - posters;
  • paper;
  • - scissors;
  • - flowers;
  • - crayons.
To decorate a room, you can, of course, to invite experts to thoroughly work over the festive interior. But much more interesting to decorate the room yourself, as even to outdo the professionals (if it comes from the soul), the main thing – a fantasy, a lot of free time, the desire to surprise and please the birthday boy. As a surprise should remain a surprise, decorate the room unbeknownst to the guest of honor.
Purchase in the store as many colored balls (half of which needs to be inflated with helium). Decorate the room around the perimeter of inflated balloons and fastened together. Can create interesting composition in the form of an arch or heart, bonding between the balls. Tie helium balloons of long colored ribbons with scissors, wrap them in a spiral and lower the ceiling.
If the birthday girl – girl, then it is recommended to decorate with fresh flowers. Rassredotochit composition and separate flowers throughout the room. But in this case you will have to spend a round sum of money, but the experience of the birthday girl of this beauty you are sure to delight. Among so many flowers it will feel like a Princess. It is desirable that the flowers were exactly those that are most like the girl.
Make a little humor in the design of the apartment. Cut out of drawing paper sheet, which will remind opened the scroll, and paint it the appropriate color. Beautiful write letters that are contraindicated to do a birthday on this day and the main requirements, hang on the door. For example: do not be sad, be bored, go to bed early and alone to absorb the cake. Requirements: to have fun until dawn, to dance, to jump, loudly and cheerfully laugh, but also to meet the guests with jokes and rhymes. Every guest who came on holiday can give their suggestions and recommendations in this sheet by using a color marker.
When making a room cannot do without unique greeting wall Newspapers and posters, as well as stretch marks created by their own hands. In the center of the stretch place the photo of the birthday boy, and stick around colorful collage (cut out pictures from magazines) of those items that you really wish the hero of the occasion.
Prepare in advance funny photos of the birthday boy, made using "Photoshop" and putting the person in various life situations. Bottom can make interesting and funny captions that clearly will delight and amuse all the guests. Most importantly – do not go beyond the bounds of decency, otherwise you can really upset and angry hero for the day.