For those who want to move to Saint Petersburg from another city and apply for a job, is to begin "to prepare the ground for such a move. It means to find housing. In addition, once you determine the price of a rented apartment, it will be easier to calculate the minimum salary for which you will be able to agree.
The selection you are interested in jobs and negotiate with employers can and should begin even before the move. You can negotiate with different employers and assign multiple interviews in one week, you will be able to come to St. Petersburg. This will save you time and money: no need to travel to St. Petersburg and back too often. If you can visit 4-5 interviews, it is likely that by the end of the week or later get a good job offer.
Residents of St. Petersburg and the rest of it is best to look for a job through the sites to find work - such as, www,, Sites work is quite simple: you fill out the summary form and send it to interested employers. In addition, employers can see your resume. Each summary should write a cover letter explaining your desire to work in the company and in the position and tells (briefly) about your experience, achievements and strengths.
To help find a job can an employment Agency. You can send a Headhunter your resume for correction (of course, for a fee) or just to arrange for assistance in your job search. Never lose relevance search jobs through friends - they, too, are working in companies that from time to time we need specialists.