1. Usually more or less amenable to repair only by metal zipper – unfortunately, broken the plastic closure of this type is to recover is almost impossible. Therefore, in the case of even minor damage zipper, plastic should be replaced.

  2. If we are talking about the metal zipper should distinguish two types of failures – failure of the lock and the failure of one of the metal teeth of the clasp. If teeth metal zipper is a bit worn out and for this reason ceased to tightly hold the castle, they must be pracovat light blows of a small metal hammer. As a result, the teeth are a little dangerous, and a clutch with lock will again be strong. Of course, such a repair will not restore the old zip to the new buckles, but before the end-of-season clothes or shoes, it will be possible to convey without replacing the zipper.

  3. If he loosened the lock in the clasp if you teeth don't look worn out), you must use the same small hammer to promovate it from the top. Even worn castle after such a forging would be better to squeeze the prongs of the clasp.

  4. After you have tweaked the prongs of the clasp or lock, in any case does not put the grate fastener along the entire length with wax or paraffin (for this purpose you can use the usual candle). This grease will make the zipper function more stably, the castle will be easier to slide on the teeth, and the zipper won't seize or separate.

  5. If you decide to repair the zipper myself, remember that the hammering and the castle, and teeth, you need to perform with extreme caution – if you overdo it, the clasp may wholly fail, and it will have to change.