If the zipper is at odds, not having any visible damage, so the whole thing probably runners runner, contiguous parts of the castle. To solve this problem, I get some pliers and nail clippers (awl).
You need using scissors or an awl to remove the restrictive brace on top of the zipper and remove the slider. Removing the restrictive brace, pull the slider, and then find restrictive runners. Then carefully retighten the slider using pliers and begin to reduce them to each other. Just do not overdo it with pressure. Slightly increasing the pressure each time you check its sufficiency, putting on the slider. Remember: overdoing, you are unlikely to be able to straighten the rails back without their failure.
Go ahead. If the lock is intact, and the slider you have cracked or even crumbled, remove it from the zipper. Remember the number of the runner to the fabric store to buy exactly the same. We suggest you to buy a few more runners in reserve. You know, the slider again comes into disrepair.
What to do if the entrances to the zipper was battered or somehow broke a few links? There will have to trust the professionals, because at home to make and insert links back to the castle – it very troublesome. Anyway, not so expensive lightning to walk with her until she completely falls apart. So take your favorite jacket in the Studio, engaged in tailoring and repair of clothes. To pay you will have about 100-500 rubles. It all depends on the affected piece of clothing.