You will need
  • - lightning;
  • needle;
  • - threads;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - iron
  • - a pair of scissors.
First, sew a seam, where in the future there will be lightning. Note that in the further part of this seam will have to unpick, so choose the largest stitch length. Frayed edges and Ratatouille seam that is smooth, lay the edge in different directions.
Attach the zipper to the seam from the inside, facedown. Take your needle and thread and baste the zipper slanted stitches (that it would not move). Ensure that the center of the zipper coincided with the seam.
Sew a zipper on a typewriter, trying to keep the seam was perfectly smooth. Because this seam is visible on the face, in many respects it will depend on the overall impression of your work. Start the seam from the edge of the fabric, sew along one side, then expand the product at an angle 90⁰, sew the zipper down, turn again and stitch along the second side.
Remove the basting and strut side seam at the location of the zipper. Check to see if everything was okay, exactly whether the zipper will be sewn. Open it.
If you plan to sew the facing at the edge of the product, attach it to the front side and sew her butt along the zipper. Then slightly move the seam so that it was a millimeter inside. Stitch the facing around the perimeter and oblacite edge. If the facing you are treating the neck or another part curved, cut edge without reaching 2-3 mm to the seam.
Remove the detail of the piping, pin-pin and priutyuzhte. If necessary, fix the facing and the zipper in one seam (depending on model requirements).
When sewing a hidden zipper after stitching the seam and resoluzione remove the product inside out and attach the zipper so that the teeth was exactly in the seam. Baste the zipper to the seam allowance (not through!). After primerki check if it's even has a zipper if there are bumps and swellings. In this case, do not be lazy and redo.
Sew a hidden zipper with a special foot that allows you to lock the toothed part of the zipper. If the legs no, act normal, but when sewing to hold the spiral in the chair, trying to stick to smooth the seam line. Definitely pretrazivace both sides of the zipper in one direction – from the edge of the product by the end of the section.