You will need
  • 1. the needle and thread to match the fabric;
  • 2. web for bonding fabric (available at sewing stores), iron, gauze, a sheet of paper.
Well look at the tear on the jacket. If the hole is deep and damaged the lining, sew the start with her. Take threads of any color, thin needle and carefully sew the hole frequent overlock seam. Blanket stitch is necessary because the lining fabric is usually very thin and easily shed. To prevent further tearing, the fabric better handle on all sides.
Inspect the hole from the front side of the jacket. If there was a gap in the seam, then take the thread to match the fabric and a thin needle. It is very important to choose a thread as close in color to the tone of the jacket. Carefully sew the hole on the seam of machine stitching. This can be done by hand or on the sewing machine.
If the break occurred not at the seam, the situation is more complicated. Gently treat a hole - cut fringe, smooth. Take a piece of a spider web for bonding fabric equal in length to the length of the holes. Put it under the hole on the reverse side, flatten with your fingers to avoid bubbles. Put a piece of wet gauze and a piece of paper. Swipe the tear with a hot iron. Then remove the cheesecloth and paper. Inspect the hole. If necessary, slide the iron through cheesecloth again. As a result, holes will not be over, just a neat shovchik, almost not visible to the eye.