Measure the length of the section, which will be sewn clasp, and buy a hidden zipper, length is 2 cm greater than the length of the incision. If your sewing machine has a foot for invisible zips primaqiune or blind stitch, use it.
Open the zipper and put it on a tissue section of the left stock face. The width of the seam allowance calculate and subtract from it one inch to get the distance at which you need to pin the left half of the zipper to the left seam allowance from the edge.
Find the thin line under the spiral zipper. Place on the sewing machine. with the sewing of the zipper so that spiral was to the left of the needle. Start pretrazivati the zipper to the fabric from the top and finish the bottom.
Close the zipper and enjoy her right side. Put the right part of the zipper on the right cut of the seam allowance at the same distance as the left.
Pin tailor's pins or baste the zipper with the fabric manually with temporary stitches. Open the zipper again and place the product under the needle of the sewing machine. Now helix must lie to the right of the needle.
Pristrochite zipper to fabric the same as in the previous case, from top to bottom.
Then close the zipper and by tilting its free bottom edge, sew the seam below the zipper, connecting the details.