You will need
  • • Special adjustable foot for sewing concealed zips;
  • • Removable unilateral foot;
  • • Hidden zipper;
  • • Safety pins or needle and thread;
  • • The product will be stachivaya zip.
Hidden zipper unzip to the end and underside of one of the parties attach to the front of the unit where it is necessary to sew the zipper. The edge of the item to be processed. Align the edge of the product and the zipper and baste the zipper to the fabric. You can instead of primitivne to fix the position of fastener pins.
How to sew <strong>zipper</strong>
On the sewing machine, install the foot for sewing concealed zips. Such legs of different types are sold in all shops of sewing accessories.
Secure the position of the foot on the zipper so that the zipper teeth is fully turned in the same plane with the zipper tape. Prostrochite straight line as close to the zipper teeth, but not capturing them. Place secure, not bringing it to the end of the lightning of about 1 cm.
Similarly pristrochite the second half of the zipper before reaching the end of about 1cm.
How to sew <strong>zipper</strong>
Fasten the zipper. Check exactly whether the lay line.
Fold the item right sides inward and align exactly in order to avoid distortions of the parties. Baste the seam from the end of the zipper or fasten with pins.
Put the machine unilateral leg. Typically, these legs are set for the sewing machine. It will be convenient to use, since the line should pass as close to buttoned zipper. Place the product so that it is sewn to halves of a zipper was on the one hand, and the foot was on the other.
How to sew <strong>zipper</strong>
Prostrochite the product through the grinding, a little without the line to the place of primaqiune lightning.
Remove the product on the front side. Carefully inspect it. Stitching the main seam and the seams of the zipper should be flat and not warp. Ratatouille inseam from the inside, and then through the cloth gently press the place of primaqiune lightning outside. If the zipper is sewn accurately, its presence on the product is practically invisible.
How to sew <strong>zipper</strong>