No matter whether it is homemade or from the package before using the broth, it is better to check whether it is corrupted. If you eat spoiled chicken broth, this can lead to serious digestive disorders.


1. If the broth is store-bought, check the expiration date. Get rid of it, if the deadline had passed.

2. Consider the container in which is stored the chicken broth. Bacteria during the multiplication emit a gas which inflates the container. For this reason, plastic containers can suddenly open up and leak, and the lid of the cans to swell.

3. Smell the chicken broth. Any foreign smell indicates that the broth was spoiled. Mostly of soured chicken broth that smells like rotten eggs or old bread. In the human brain have special receptors that act as protection, causing physiological reactions to stimuli, which are regarded as sources of danger. Any bad smell that watery eyes or a gag reflex, means that your brain is sending you a signal of danger.

4. Visually inspect the broth. Any signs of mold or muddy consistency of the broth indicates that it got corrupted.