Advice 1: How to lighten a cloudy broth

On the basis of meat broth soups are boiled to make Brawn, he can be an independent dish such as egg or greens. In any case, you want the broth transparent, because muddy is able to repel the appetite of even the very unpretentious person, not to mention the gourmet. To ensure that your culinary masterpiece to be transparent, necessary in the process of making it.
How to lighten a cloudy broth
You will need
    • broth;
    • raw egg:
    • Fig;
    • linen bag;
    • carrots;
    • gauze;
    • skimmer;
    • mixer.
The perfect broth is obtained, if it is clear in several stages. Cook it on slow fire, periodically removing the foam. There is a slotted spoon — a large spoon with holes. When the broth will already be almost ready, remove from pan and large pieces of meat. A slow fire is needed to boil the broth was not particularly rapid. If boiling is not very strong, the broth right is more or less transparent.
Fold the gauze in 3-4 layers and strain the broth. At this stage, removed the foam, small pieces of meat, bones, etc. In principle, it is possible and strain through a very fine sieve. Pour the broth back into the pot. For the clarified soup so the broth is fine, but if you prepare it as a separate dish or the basis for a jelly, will have some work to do.
Separate the protein from the yolk. This is done in the following way. Knock on the egg shell with a spoon or knife so that the middle started cracking. Substitute a small bowl or Cup. Over it cracked the shell to make 2 "cups". Several times pour the yolk from one to the other. Protein should drip into the bowl. Yolk use at its discretion, for clarification of the broth you won't need it. Protein from one egg will be enough to lighten 2l of broth.
Whisk the whites. Use for this a mixer or a whisk. Egg protein is an excellent sorbent. It is possible to make its action more effective by adding 1 ice cube 1 protein. If you mix 1 egg white with 100g of ground beef and a few tablespoons of broth, and then everything is slightly beat, the absorbent not only lighten the broth, but will add nutrients.
While you were preparing the absorbent, the broth you might have time to cool down. Heat it through but do not boil.
Carefully pour the absorbent. Stir in broth, to dissolve a protein or another absorbent over the entire pan. The stream should be thin and uniform. Do not stop to stir the contents of the pot after protein will disperse. Make a slow fire and bring the broth to a boil. Give the contents of the pan to writing a rolling boil for five minutes.
Cool the broth at room temperature. Especially with a slotted spoon to catch the pieces of coagulated protein is not necessary, he himself will sink to the bottom. Strain the broth through cheesecloth. A couple of layers for the second straining will be enough.
Useful advice
Excellent absorbents are also rice and carrots. Boiled rice need to be put into a linen bag. Lower the bag for a few minutes in boiling broth. Carrots cut in half lengthwise, each half cut on two sides, and then dried in the pan. Fat in this case not needed. Place the prepared carrots in the broth for a few minutes before the end of cooking.

Advice 2: How to make a cloudy broth clear

Turbid broth could be anything delicious, but it is unlikely that his views will seem appetizing. To make it transparent, is usually carried out clarification. This process is also called the delay, as introduced in broth quickdraw takes on the solid particles that make it cloudy.
How to make a cloudy broth clear
You will need
    • 300 grams of meat;
    • 1 egg white;
    • 1 tbsp. of broth.
Pass the meat through a meat grinder several times, put in separate pan. The smaller will be the resulting meat, the better and faster will be pulling.
Lightly whisk egg white and add it to ground meat.
Pour in the pan a glass of chilled brothand salt and mix everything carefully.
Allow the resulting mixture to stand some time (about 20-30 minutes) in a cool place.
Heat, not boiling, turbid broththat you want to make transparent.
Quickdraw pour into the pan with the brothohms. Wait until it comes to a boil, remove the spoon from the surface of the foam and fat.
Next, simmer the broth on low heat, covered for half hour to an hour until the guy does not curdle and settle to the bottom.
Remove the pan from the brothohms from heat, let stand. Then strain it through cheesecloth or a fine sieve.
After clarification, the broth should be fragrant and translucent, with large drops of fat on the surface. Odor or small droplets of fat indicate that meat broth was chosen stale. To use it in food can be dangerous to your health.
Useful advice
For guys it is best to choose the meat of the third grade (Shin, desperately beef; veal and even to the cervical part of the carcass). Such meat contains a lot of blood, which, like egg white, rolled well, so it's best suited for clarifying turbid broth. Remaining after straining the broth quickdraw can be used for cooking dishes that use the meat (for example, pancakes, casserole).
To give the broth more flavor and aroma, sauté in vegetable oil onion, carrot, parsley root and other roots. Add browned vegetables to the pot with the broth along with a sling. As a result, the broth will be not only transparent and tasty, but will acquire a beautiful Golden hue.

Advice 3: How to make a fish broth clear

At the core of any lies fish soup fish broth. Transparency on the taste of the product is not affected, however, contributes to a pleasant appearance of the food. Preparation of transparent broth has its little secrets.
How to make a fish broth clear
You will need
    • Fish
    • water
    • egg whites
To prepare a transparent fish broth, you can use any types of fish. The rich broth is obtained from at least two varieties of fish, no matter it sea or river. For cooking delicious soup do not have to use the carcasses of the fish the head, tail and fins contains a sufficient number of substances, allowing to obtain a rich broth.
Before to make the fish broth clear, you need to make it. The broth may be boiled from the fish food waste, it is much faster than a similar dish from any types of meat. Many fishermen use small fish in order to cook from her ear, as for roasting she was too skinny. Per liter of water requires at least 300 grams of fish, otherwise rich broth will not work. To make it more interesting, when cooked, added a couple of leaves of Bay leaf and a few peas black pepper. Foam from the broth is removed throughout the process. The fish has to be cooked, sufficient 25-35 minutes.
To make fish broth clear, after boiling it should drain through a colander or fine sieve. Then it is necessary to cool within 70 degrees, or proteins that function as "procrastination", just roll up. Per liter of broth just one egg white and the shell of the egg.
First, egg wash the outside with soap and water, then separate the white from the yolk. If the yolk will mix with the protein, whip the latter until frothy will be quite difficult. Protein, along with mashed hands with the shell, is added to the broth, which is brought to the boil. After that, the pot of broth is removed from the fire and retracted to the side, after which the pattern repeats itself twice more with an interval between zakopanem. Then the broth is filtered and on its basis it is possible to prepare the soup according to any recipe.
Useful advice
Best of all whipped to a state of a foam the whites from fresh eggs, pre-cooled in the refrigerator.

Advice 4: Why moonshine muddy

Moonshine is known for a strong drink with a rich history. To prepare high-quality brew is not so easy. Beginners "distillers" will not immediately get a good drink – inexperience, they kick out a turbid liquid.
Why moonshine muddy
In the manufacturing of moonshine, from the selection of raw materials to distillation and purification of the resulting product involved a large number of diverse components. The preparation of the drink will require careful attention to the observance of technology.

What is the technology of preparation of the drink

Preparation of the brew process, which involves many components at once. At some stages you need to carefully follow the temperature regime. One can distinguish the following stages of the process:
- preparation of raw materials;
- fermentation composition;
- distillation;
- purification of the resulting brew;
- giving brew is aromatic, the taste and color qualities.

Muddy the brew has a bad taste and smell, result from the neglect of the requirements of the manufacturing techniques that apply at each of its stages. If you use for moonshine perestaval Braga, get a drink with an unpleasant heavy smell. Assuming during distillation the boiling of the liquid drops at the output of turbid.

If you follow all the steps, it is possible to not particularly muddy, but to improve the smell and taste to spend an additional cleanup. There are a lot of ways.

Cleaning the brew

In the moonshine, a little diluted with water, put some potassium permanganate – just a few crumbs on the tip of a knife. Should be a slightly pinkish color. Then the liquid needs to settle – it will take 2-3 days. On the bottom of the tank deposited black flakes. They should try not to shake when pouring the brew into another container and the fluid to drain more through a double layer of cheesecloth or through cotton wool.

It is possible to clean the activated carbon. Hold it comfortably even in the process of distillation. Coal can be purchased at the pharmacy or in the pet store – the one that is meant for aquarium filters, is quite inexpensive. In the funnel put a piece of cotton, cover with a bandage or gauze. You put it on crushed coal and to substitute a dripping funnel under the moonshine. If it seems that clean is better in capacity available and this option. It is necessary to prepare the crushed coal at the rate of 50 grams per 1 liter of vodka, fill the container and within two weeks to insist. From time to time the mixture must be stirred. In conclusion, all filtered through cotton wool.

Purification using pine nuts. They not only cleanse drink from harmful impurities, but the flavor will soften. Per litre of the brew will need a small handful. Infuse two weeks, filter through cotton wool. Nuts to throw away.
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