Buying a chicken, pay attention to the packaging, it should not be damaged. Inside the package should not be pinkish crystals of ice, as this may indicate that the chicken was defrosted and re-froze. And this can lead to the development of bacteria.
You know, spoiled poultry meat has a grey or grey-greenish color, and the anus can be purple spots. First, the meat such a chicken has a smell of damp and subsequently becomes putrid and acidic smell. Meat fresh chicken is dense, resilient, light pink color, the skin which is slightly damp and has a yellowish tint with a pinkish places.
Keep in mind, meat is fresh chicken, not sticky and non-slip touch. The fat young birds are lighter. Currently packing outlined various inscriptions about the manufacturer, so if the chicken you have doubts, nadorite area by the package and smell it, with the permission of the seller.
Do not buy frozen chicken because some manufacturers increase the weight of the birds through water for injections 40% . Such a chicken after thawing loses all its nutrients.
If you buy a whole carcass, pay attention to the oral cavity and beak. The oral cavity should be pink, slightly shiny and have no smell. And the beak is glossy, dry and elastic.
Determine the young chicken carcass by the legs. If they are soft, white, with veins and have small flakes – is a young bird, but if rough, yellow scales and large old.
Please note the age of the chicken, which is determined by the tip of the sternum. The young birds he had not yet ossified, cartilaginous and easily bent.