Choose mushrooms small or medium size. "Overgrown" is more likely to be old. In addition, small young mushrooms look much more attractive in the plates and have a more dense "meaty" texture.
Inspect some fruit before going to purchase them. Mushroom caps should be white or pinkish, no dents, pochernenija. To touch the cap of a fresh mushroom velvety, very delicate. In addition, it has a distinctive dull luster, which is absent in rested and already dried mushrooms.
Look under the mushroom cap. It should tightly connect with the leg of a white ring. Move that ring and look at mushroom records. Than they the darker, the older the mushroom. From a very young mushroom plates cream, pink, and very old fruit they will not keep their shape and have a nasty black-brown "mouldering" color.
Now smell the fungus. The fragrance is delicate, fresh, mushroom. Do not buy mushrooms with a musty unpleasant odor – they will only spoil the dish.
Slightly squeeze the fruit. His body should be firm, not soft and slimy.
Bringing mushrooms home, remember that they can be stored no more than 5-7 days after collection, in the refrigerator, at a low positive temperature and in a ventilated container. Don't place mushrooms in a plastic bag, otherwise they will quickly turn black and lose their edibility.