Advice 1: How to determine the freshness of the mushrooms

There are a number of popularly favorite dishes that are difficult to imagine without mushrooms. This mushroom pies, meat with mushrooms, julienne, a huge number of salads and the like. Traditionally, for most of these culinary delights are used industrially grown mushroomsthat are easy to buy in any supermarket. But before you buy the mushrooms, they should be checked for freshness. Of course, poisonous mushrooms is difficult, but to spoil the dish and the mood of yourself and guests – completely.
How to determine the freshness of the mushrooms
Choose mushrooms small or medium size. "Overgrown" is more likely to be old. In addition, small young mushrooms look much more attractive in the plates and have a more dense "meaty" texture.
Inspect some fruit before going to purchase them. Mushroom caps should be white or pinkish, no dents, pochernenija. To touch the cap of a fresh mushroom velvety, very delicate. In addition, it has a distinctive dull luster, which is absent in rested and already dried mushrooms.
Look under the mushroom cap. It should tightly connect with the leg of a white ring. Move that ring and look at mushroom records. Than they the darker, the older the mushroom. From a very young mushroom plates cream, pink, and very old fruit they will not keep their shape and have a nasty black-brown "mouldering" color.
Now smell the fungus. The fragrance is delicate, fresh, mushroom. Do not buy mushrooms with a musty unpleasant odor – they will only spoil the dish.
Slightly squeeze the fruit. His body should be firm, not soft and slimy.
Bringing mushrooms home, remember that they can be stored no more than 5-7 days after collection, in the refrigerator, at a low positive temperature and in a ventilated container. Don't place mushrooms in a plastic bag, otherwise they will quickly turn black and lose their edibility.
Remember that mushrooms should not be abused. They are a delicacy, and there are no irreplaceable substances in them. In addition, all fungi (including mushrooms) are very difficult for human digestion of food. Into force of this provision, mushrooms forbidden to feed children up to 7 years.
Useful advice
Before cooking thoroughly wash and clean the mushrooms. Do not forget to remove the hat peel – fresh mushrooms it is separated very easily.

Advice 2 : How to identify spoiled meat

Cases of poisoning with poor-quality meat very much. To avoid this, you need to carefully treat the purchase of perishable products and do not hesitate to consider the item. To reveal the fresh product is quite simple, it differs from the tainted color, smell and density.
How to identify spoiled meat
The most reliable way to determine the freshness of the meat is to put pressure on it with your finger. If the surface quickly took the same form, so meat is fresh. After lying longer than the period at room temperature or chilled, meat loses a dense structure due to the loosening of the fibers. After pressing stale meat takes its original shape.
Meat colour can be from light red to dark purple, this parameter depends on the age of the animal. But fresh meat should not be extensive dark spots, they appear when the product is more than 24 hours at room temperature. Of course, on the surface of the meat may be dark streaks, often they are the result of the allocation of iodine from the fibers is not harmful to health. Refuse to purchase meat that has a greenish tint. Although sellers and argue that it is oxidized by oxygen, but it is not.
To judge the meat by the color of fat is impossible, it can be both very bright and dark. But the color in no case should not be bright yellow or brown. If you notice the meat with the color of the fat, it is possible that the animal was sick. On the surface of the fat should not be moisture.
Touch fresh meat is slightly moist and smooth. If you make a small incision and push, then it needs to go transparent aloe juice. Stale meat juice is turbid, the surface may be generally dry and overly humid and very sticky.
The smell of quality meat should be pleasant, sometimes with a slight flavor of milk. If the aroma has unpleasant notes, it can be concluded that meat spoiled.
Try to buy only meat that you like in color, smell and does not cause any suspicion. When choosing meat it is better to be safe than to severe poisoning.

Advice 3 : How to test the freshness of fish

The main requirement for any fish is the quality and absolute freshness of the product. The fish causes a grave disease. All methods of protection of fish product from spoiling ineffective because the "fix" a broken product I can't. Moreover, these methods may not guarantee the freshness of the fish for an unlimited time.
How to test the freshness of fish
1 way is the easiest
The smell of stale fish product is best defined when cooking in a sealed container for a piece of test. Also the smell of spoiled fish can detect this: stick heated in boiling water knife in the thickness of the fish meat and bring it to his nose. If you want to check the quality of the smoked or salted fish, then use a wooden hairpin also pierce the fish, turn several times the pin in the thickness of the meat and bring to the nose. Benign salted fish has a normal smell in all parts of the body. When buying fish in a barrel, pay attention to the brine, it should not be perishable odor.

And yet it is not necessary to trust only the sense of smell, you also need to examine the appearance of the product.
Method 2 – Accurate inspection
Pay attention to the skin and scales of fish. Live fish should be well-fed, healthy and mobile. This fish has nezastroennoe back, the gills should rise and fall evenly, fish scales intact and must not have any stain or damage. Float fish in deep water, not on its surface. Chilled fish must be subjected to more thorough examination, since it spoiled quickly, and if not careful storage quickly becomes unuseable. Chilled fish has a thick body, put it on the hand, she in no case should not bend. Look at the gills they should be bright red in color. You can also throw fish into the water, fresh fish will quickly sink. Frozen fish should not have stains and damage, leather should fit snugly to the skin. Tap on it: if the fish emits a sonorous sound, it is good frozen product. Must not have a musty smell and mold-cured and dried fish.
3 way – the Most obvious
Tap your finger on a fish, the hole needs to quickly and fully recover. If the indentation from your finger remains, it means that the product is old and hardly fresh.
Useful advice
When starting to cook the fish, use methods of assessing the quality of fish product. If in doubt, as the fish will help to sanitary control for carrying out the corresponding examination.

Advice 4 : What the crisper drawer in the fridge

Modern refrigerators are significantly different from their predecessors. However, the additional functions that they feature, not only affect the comfort of use, and the cost of the unit. Hence, one should meticulously evaluate the advantages and benefits of each characteristic, to not to overpay for luxuries. One additional feature that recently appeared in the fridge — the crisper drawer.
What the crisper drawer in the fridge

What is the area of freshness?

In some models of refrigerators built from two zones of freshness, but it greatly affects their price. In most cases, and one office working properly.

Area of freshness means a special compartment, which is available in the fridge. It is quite tightly closed and separated from the rest of the camera. In this zone, maintained at a temperature of about 0°, and the optimum moisture content. Distinguish dry and wet area of freshness.

Dry optimal for fish and meat. The low temperature allows not to deteriorate the products, but does not freeze them in the freezer compartment. The wet area is particularly convenient for storage of fresh fruits, vegetables, greens, salad. Products do not dry up and do not lose their natural moisture.

Why the need for the crisper drawer in the fridge?

Dry zone of freshness is simply indispensable in order to save a few days of fresh meat, without preliminary freezing. Wet zone will keep fruit and vegetables in a mouth-watering view, will not allow them to deteriorate.
In addition, at the temperature null zone bacterial growth will be minimized.

At zero temperature, which is available in the compartment as possible to preserve nutrients and taste of most fruit, vegetables and other food products.

From the above properties humidity areas products it retains the maximum quality and long.

Different names of the crisper

The crisper drawer is available in many refrigerators. Manufacturers call it differently, using a patented name. Here are the most popular ones:

- BioFresh;
- Flex Cool;
- Fresh Box;
- Fresh Zone;
- Zero'n Fresh;
- vitaFresh.

Area of freshness: in what may be the catch?

Carefully study the user manual to favorite the refrigerator. Don't be lazy and meticulously examine it from the inside. This must be done due to the fact that the budget models can have transparent containers, quite similar to Bay area fresh. Sometimes they are called, and in other cases, you may encounter the expression "area of high humidity" or anything like that.

What was different about the real area of freshness? - It should be fixed in a certain place of the camera. In addition, on the rear you can see the devices that support it microclimate. For example, it may be the holes from which cold air is supplied.

If the container is removable, and it can push or move to another location of a cold room, means you are a normal container for storing vegetables.
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