You will need
  • - salted water;
  • - light source.
Check the freshness of eggs in this way. In a saucepan pour a little cold water, a little sunflower and her lower back product. If you got a fresh egg, it will fall horizontally; if it's approximately three weeks, will fall vertically. If it is expired, it will rise to the surface of the water. This is because during long storage, it dries and the air chamber located in the blunt end, increases in size.
To determine the freshness of eggs can be shelled. Look at her. If the product is fresh, the shell is frosted. Older eggs it is glossy and has a grey tide.
To determine the suitability of the product you can smell the shell. Smell the shell - fresh egg it smells like lime. The longer the eggs are kept in the refrigerator will absorb odors of other foods.
When buying always look at the date of manufacture of each egg, individually, as unscrupulous sellers can put stale product fresh. In addition, they should be free of cracks and chips.
Check the quality of the product to light. Bring the egg to the light source and look closely. The old product will be visible dark spots. Fresh protein is illuminated perfectly, and the yolk is in the center and almost not visible. By the way the big stores have a special device for radiographic eggs, you may want to use it.