If a guy comes from out of town and long was in the way, of course, the first thing to ask him to take a shower. It would be appropriate to give small toiletry kit, a good flavored gel. It will be nice to feel cared about yourself.
Then invite a romantic dinner. Over cooking food much bother not worth it. You can order everything at the nearest café or buy at the supermarket, and free time to spend on creating extraordinary beauty on the face and stunning hairstyles.
But the table design will have to work hard. Light the candles, put a vase with flowers (which he, of course, will bring), serve the table with beautiful tableware and glasses, put the original swipe. Be sure to include pleasant music.
Well and further already all depends on your location and on your imagination. If you have a fairly close connection, then pre-prepare the bedroom. You can decorate it with rose petals, arrange scented candles, even to pick up balls. Be sure to consider the bed set, and of course, pick a perfect exquisite lingerie. After all, you have to be irresistible.
This part of the evening is the most important so make sure that you will not be distracted. Disconnect mobile and landline phones. All, you belong only to each other, you are alone in the world but you nobody else in the world does not exist. In this case you can pre-get from the Internet for lessons, and Striptease. The guy is really like.
If the relationship isn't close enough to have sex with a girl, you can suggest to see photos of your trips to the sea or to the country to grandma's house, offer to watch a new movie or listen to a new record.
A great option could be a walk around the city. If a guy for the first time here, you will show him the sights, your favorite places where you like to visit the most beautiful streets of the city. Maybe you have opened some interesting entertainment center, visit it - also not a bad option.
Men, of course, not romance, but such a meeting would appreciate any. And he wants to meet more often with you. And maybe the next date, he will invite you to itself. And to come up with something interesting.