Do not go to extremes. Interesting is not synonymous with accessibility and frivolity. Available person interesting guys just for one night. And those who are able to motivate, have a chance to build a future with him relationship. So don't act slutty and vulgar. The other extreme coldness and arrogance. It is unlikely the guy will start flirting with you if all will show that he is beneath your dignity and you will never notice it. Ideal when dealing with a guy to behave naturally. You're you, with all the advantages and disadvantages. If a person is interested in you, he will be interested in everything, and if not, then no mask its not to catch.
Don't be too open. Guys are attracted to what they cannot understand. Girl of mystery left in their hearts a strong impression. Not confess openly to his sympathy, but hinted at her by expressive glances, accidental touches. In short, unobtrusive flirt, if a guy is nice to you. Flirting is a communication tool, which can be compared with the game: he may not oblige you.
Give the man a chance to win. No matter how many psychologists asserted that the stronger sex by nature is drawn to the gains, girls continue to take the initiative and present themselves to the man in ready and best. It's the wrong tactics. Accessibility is not interesting to guys. So give a chance to their partner to win, to feel like a knight seeking the location of a beautiful lady. Just do not overdo it with inaccessibility.
Create an atmosphere of competition. Men love competition and if you are implying that yesterday you quickly got home, because you brought up the other, thus you will make it clear to him that around you there are other fans that need to act decisively to conquer your heart.
Show interest in the guy. It will be located to you, if you see that you wonder what he is that keen and he loves. Communicate with your guy freely, honestly and without irony.
Use the method of "carrot and stick" - then go near the guy, expressing all his behavior, sympathy for him, then move away from it if you were pissed at him for something. This method of raising men's interest is proved by thousands of girls, and it really works.