Advice 1: What to do if you want love, tenderness, warmth and affection

Women are very gentle creatures. They very often want the warmth and caress from her man, but sometimes their other halves just don't notice and don't understand it.
What to do if you want love, tenderness, warmth and affection

Why people not getting what it wants?

Psychologists believe that one of the main reasons why people do not get what he wants, is the lack of communication. Even children understand, if you want something, you have to say about it. Not always partners know that the relationship has needs, and they are different in men and women. In order to build a strong and lasting bond, consider these needs.

The needs of men: sexual satisfaction; colleague rest; an attractive woman; the coziness and warmth; a woman who is proud of her man. The needs of women: tenderness; communication; honesty men; financial aid; the attention of men to family and children.

Of course, that doesn't mean gritting your teeth, you are required to meet the needs of your boyfriend. But you have to be willing to give your partner one, so he instead gave you more. If one of the important needs of a man or woman fails to achieve mutual understanding almost impossible.
If you guys aren't understanding partner can never give you what you need, because he simply does not understand what you want.

What to do to get from the partner what you want?

Start a chat with a loved one, tell us about your feelings and wishes, make it clear that you are not trying to tell him what to do, and just want to listen to you.

Ask what he thinks of what he wants to your partner, be attentive to what he says to you man, for it is important.
Tell your man exactly what you want from him. They do not notice the hints and understand everything literally.

Admire the man, he needs this. Become a friend to your beloved, not a competitor. Pay attention to the strengths of the chosen one, because there are shortcomings in all, even you.

Thanks man for even the most minor things, it will help him become more sensitive. Create a romantic atmosphere, invite him on a date or write a confession note, and he will feel your love for yourself.

If the partner will feel your love, he wants to give you his. Consequently, you will get everything: love, tenderness, warmth and affection.

The most important thing is communication. Speak and you will answer, use the conversation to understand each other. Learn how to conduct a confidential conversation, this will help to achieve mutual understanding, which, in turn, will help to qualitatively show love to the loved one.

As you sow, so shall you reap is a well known truth that clearly reflects what you need to do to get what you want. Sow seeds of love and you will get the fruit is mutual sincere feelings.

Advice 2: What to do to not feel like eating

You can't stop eating, and weight became a real problem? In this case, the time has come to part with the belief that the primary subject of the house – a fridge full of food. To tame appetite, you need to reconsider your attitude to food.
What to do to not feel like eating
Do not blame yourself for gluttony, and the pictures with the taped mouth clear eyes long. Tactics-torture works before the first attack of gluttony, which the body will avenge the forced abstinence.

Review your diet and nutrition. Tight is better in the first half of the day, but the evening is to eat something low – calorie- vegetable salads or unsweetened fruit. Eat at the same time, without waiting for the sucking stomach pain.

Get rid of the habit of overeating, it keeps the person feel extra bite never hurts. To the indomitable appetite has ceased to be your punishment, reduce the portions. Get up from the table, just in a low feeling of hunger. After a while you will sure the body may be content with a small amount of food.

Get Breakfast after charging and soul, allow yourself a little hungry, do not throw food immediately upon awakening. From attacks irrepressible appetite for several hours will relieve oatmeal, coffee with milk and muesli bars.

Constantly eating in front of computer and TV? This habit has nothing to do with hunger. Chips, sweet soda, crackers flavoured – all of these products are virtually devoid of nutrients, but are equipped with taste enhancers that encourage you to eat them again and again. As a snack suitable dried apples, cereal, bananas. They saturate and remove the feeling of hunger for a long time.

The desire all the time something to chew to drown out useful activities. Can't resist an extra piece of cake? But your life is so interesting apart from the food! Love to draw? Immediately grab brushes and paint. The child asks for help with a math problem? Do not deny him. The brain is occupied with important work, no longer distracted by food.

To hunger not pursued you constantly, try to avoid stress. The habit of "seizing" can be eradicated using different methods of relaxation Also regular physical activity among other things helps to put in order the metabolism and minimize the sudden bouts of brutal appetite.

Advice 3: How to get him soft

We often hear complaints from girls in restraint, coldness of the guys. Like, so want to favorite as often as you spoke sweet words, compliments, gently touch, kiss, had all sorts of attentions, which are so dear to the feminine heart. A girl caught in such a situation, it is confusing sometimes disappointing to tears. And increasingly, she comes to mind the thought: "And if he really loves me?" So how to get the guy soft?
How to get him soft
First of all, don't be upset, and even more depressed. The fact is that men and women are completely differently arranged. No, we are not talking about anatomical differences, and psychological, due to the fundamentally different balance of hormones.
Firmly remember: it is pointless to expect a young man of the same conduct, which would be natural for other women. This is a serious error. Men are much less emotional, therefore, they almost do not attach importance to those things that are so important for the lovers of girls. There are rare exceptions, of course, but do not change the overall picture.
"Hint, hint, almost in the open..." is another one girl. It was necessary not to imply angry at his slowness, and frankly, what you expect from him. Well, is it hard to say something like: "Honey, I feel so good when you tell me tender words, or gently stroking my hair, I'm just thrilled with happiness!" Remember: your beloved's telepathic thoughts can not read. And all the strange, unsaid its just annoying. Just a few words – and you will save both of you from unnecessary worries and hassle. Arguments like: "I wish he guessed!" is simply not serious. In the end, the guy also does not require girls to she correctly guessed what he was thinking.
Finally, don't forget to get something from the other, and we need him to give something back. Unfortunately, there are situation when a girl expects from a guy tenderness, compliments, assurances of passion, the signs of attention, and she is a miser and good word, and praise. This borders on selfishness. In the end, the weaker sex supposed to be more emotional. Show affection to your boyfriend and he will surely answer you the same.
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