Man, it is important to surprise. So do not forget about unpredictability, of surprise, of mystery. Let your will for a loved one until the end of unsolved. Because all women are by nature artistic, you will not make special work from home, welcoming hostess to be transformed into a femme fatale-a sexy vamp or a flippant coquette, depending on the circumstances. Of course, it is important to keep a sense of proportion, otherwise not only a partner, but you will cease to understand who we are in reality.
Keep and respect their individuality, originality, uniqueness. And let them know beloved, that he has acquired a priceless treasure, a jewel with striking facets that should be cherished, to blow a speck of dust, to cherish.
But do treat your heart in a respectful way, I sincerely appreciate it good quality, do not skimp on praise and affection. Sometimes you can add raisins and pepper in the form of tantrums, pout and a hurt look. But then again – not too happy, he manages to stop in time.
Don't be clingy and annoying, like a fly. If a man is thoughtful, concerned, sad, but not in a hurry to explain to you why he is in this condition – do not rush with questions. Will offer a delicious dinner, sit close, gentle hug. The main thing that he felt your genuine compassion and concern.
How would you not want to be constantly near the beloved, to delve into all his work, to share everything-everything in my soul not to do it. You must have your classes, your own personal territory, their secrets. No need to turn the guy into a bosom friend.
Speaking of girlfriends. Be with them quite reserved, do not carry "dirty linen in public", don't tell me about your intimate Affairs – it is ugly and fraught with side effects. To talk about intimate – important and urgent - need just only with her man. Then you will be a special, intimacy. And annoying beloved will be very difficult.