You will need
  • Feminine wiles, candles, a bottle of expensive wine
First understand yourself. What exactly do you mean by a "romantic guy." Draw yourself a diagram in which you describe and admit to yourself what you want to see in your loved one.
How to make <strong>guy</strong> romantic
If, for example, a young man gives you flowers, and you really want, you should hint to him about it. Passing by a flower shop, can Flirty to say to his beloved, how beautiful these flowers are. If the guy is "head", he will understand your hint.
How to make <strong>guy</strong> romantic
If you have planned some important holiday or event, e.g. anniversary, be sure to prepare a romantic dinner, prepare candles, buy expensive champagne or wine, let him see what you love and what you enjoy.
How to make <strong>guy</strong> romantic
Often talk with him. Do not hesitate and do not be afraid to talk "heart to heart", to know what he thinks he loves. In addition, try to reveal their desires and dreams, to explain what you want. For example, he bought you flowers, not only on the eighth of March, and more. Give a soft toy, was invited for concerts, theatres and restaurants.
How to make <strong>guy</strong> romantic