The greeting is an integral part of daily life, so you need to know simple rules of etiquette, applicable to all areas of communication.

General rules

• Remember that it is impolite to smoke a cigarette or hold hands in the pockets of clothes in the moment when you say Hello.
• Be sure to clearly and distinctly say your greeting, smiling to his companion.
• Do not attract the attention of passers-by, if the meeting is held on the street. Be restrained.
• And lefties, and righties greet with the right hand.

Who should greet first?

Man is obliged first to greet the woman who had entered the room. If he is sitting he must stand up. Also the man-head is supposed to greet his subordinates first, despite the fact that, according to business etiquette, employee first welcomed the head of the rule applies only to men.

Remember: the woman or the eldest first.

As greet men and women

When meeting on the street, the man should raise his hat and nod to the girl, reaching out. A form of greeting like a kiss hands a thing of the past – a friendly nod of the head. But girls should remember to take your hand in kiss – bad form.

It is worth remembering that, according to the rules of etiquette, the hostess should shake hands with all the guests present here tonight. In this rule there are no exceptions: and the stranger and the guest, with whom she is fighting, she should welcome the same courtesy.

Thing of the past and embrace when they met – they stayed in the relationship men can Pat each other on the shoulder. Otherwise, such a gesture is relevant only with close friends or relatives.

Business etiquette

Business etiquette does not divide partners by gender, there are common rules for all. Business etiquette implies that the first to shake hands should be the one who is older by their status or by age. But, in that case, if you want to introduce your partner to the other partners, men introduce the ladies first.

Don't forget to give your name and surname, as well as stretch a business card with your contact details is part of business etiquette.

Simple rules of etiquette, including how to communicate to men and women that will help you in any situation to show respect for the other person, and interest in continuing communication.