You will need
  • Photography, means creativity, program for processing photos.
To begin, select a photo. Don't listen to anyone but yourself. The photo that you like, will be borne by the envoy non-verbal signs. Eyes, smile, mood, imprinted on it, will speak about the traits of your character, and can support in difficult times.Rely on inner feelings. If you want to give him a photo with your Nude – do it. But if this sickens you, no need to give such the only on the advice of friends or because so did everyone in your Department. And the more you should not the motive to keep a man. Feelings do not tolerate cheating.
Now think how to sign. What would you like to say to these photos to your loved one? Avoid cliches, taken from the Internet or other sources. Think about the present, not the future.
If nothing comes to mind, awaken the imagination. To do this, think about love in General, how about the feeling, what emotions it gives you. View a film about love, listen to the music. Remember the image of a loved one, a nice time with him, his gifts or kind words. Write down your thoughts and feelings in a chaotic manner on a separate sheet of paper as they arise. And then reread and select something suitable.
You can use someone else's text, for example, the lines from the novel or poetry. But in this case it is important that words have been taken with some sense who can understand the choice.
Don't forget that you need to adjust the size of the photo and your message, to draw in a style worthy of the style of the photo. Select the style of lettering. It can be done by hand, some font. If the photo is in the romantic style, the inscription can be drawn with the colors. If the photo is reckless, will suit cut out and paper pasted letters.
You can first process the photo in a special program to put the lettering over the photo. However, this method will make your photos official. Another option is to make a collage on the type of baby pics, using adult subjects.