The relationship between a man and a woman is one of the topics that excites the heart and soul of every human being. And more attention is paid to the search of "his" people that would have pleased the heart and mind. If this search has not been so complicated, then the world would be a lot less broken hearts and divorces.

Where does success start? With careful planning, which takes into account all the important nuances, the little things.

Everything that comes into our lives has a reason. For example, it is impossible to fall in love/to fall in love with absolutely anyone, in any case before you fall in love, already has a certain image that the chosen one somehow fits. Suffice it to recall more familiarity with the man subsequently fell in love: this man was almost immediately visible qualities that have struck a massive chord.

Therefore, it is necessary to more fully develop the image of the future chosen one (s) in your consciousness, and from consciousness the image will result in the subconscious, and like a magnet you will attract the right person.

How to create the image

  1. Think about all the details of appearance. For example, for you, no matter height or weight, then you don't have to mention it. And if it matters, you can specify: height from 180 to 190, weight. Hair color, eyes can also be present, but if it doesn't matter, not to dwell on this. Perhaps the most important appearance is a beautiful smile with healthy and straight teeth, it is possible to take note.
  2. Character. Here is a little more complicated. It is important to focus on those traits that sound positive: kind, sympathetic, calm, caring, reliable, healthy way of life, etc. Wording: it is not quick-tempered - undesirable, it is better to say: calm, balanced. These traits are more difficult to keep in mind, it is better to record them on the sheet.
  3. It is important to consider quality. Whether it will be an intellectual and romantic or whimsical and unpredictable - you decide, all personal preference. If you care to with your future husband, you could visit museums, exhibitions, learn languages, then this should be considered.
  4. Work and career. Quality is important in our time. It is therefore important and this aspect is also taken into account. Can you see the future husband of a certain profession, he may be a scientist or just a smart and successful businessman - is also your choice. You can imagine what he as the head or the money is his love, and it is very easy for a living, travel, etc. Is not materialism, as an important quality, because every woman wants to feel for the man as behind a stone wall and prepare to be a mom in peace and confidence in the head of the family.
  5. Household chores. Another important point is life. If for someone it is important that the man helped to vacuum, why not include it on the list? As for men, they can imagine a woman who takes care with love of home, cooks, cleans and takes care of comfort of home.
  6. Life together, plans for the future. It is important to care not only about to meet the man of dreams, but also about how to flow a joint life, what goals you combine plans. Maybe you want to move to another country?
  7. The environment for future halves. Agree that it is very important to with friends and parents, relatives you could easily find a common language. Keep in mind that if this is a key thing.
  8. And, of course, the most important thing! You love him with all my heart and mind, and receive from him the same emotions and feelings!

When maximum full image is ready, taking into account all the most important qualities you can transfer to the paper. This list can be replenished.

How to work with";"

Now you need to visualize a dream man, well, or perfect man. In any case, don't assume that you are not worthy of him, such a perfect. We all deserve the best! For starters, you can read a few times recording on a piece of paper, close your eyes, relax and imagine yourself next to this man, he's here with you, in your life. It doesn't have to be dreams, visualize in familiar surroundings as you are together having dinner or watching a movie.

It is important to periodically refresh your memory of what you wrote that the image was more accurate. And so every day for half an hour you need to spend time on visualization of the ideal man. Believe that he is already, at the moment next to you, he likes scroll in mind that you have it so good, so perfect.

Good visualization is when you smile and feel warm and bright emotions, joy is so strong that I want to be happy and laugh!

Believe me, he's not in the future, he's already there with you, just need to wait a bit, when he will appear not only in your consciousness but also in reality. The reality is inert, a little bit of patience and success is guaranteed!

And when will meet, you'll understand immediately: this is it!