Remember that the name of the albumand for convenience should reflect the essence placed in it photos. View images and find in them something in common. Perhaps all of the selected pictures were made at school. Somewhere in the link there may be emotions or travel. Or is it a compilation of your favorite photos for a mood enhancement. If not think of the original title, do not despair, the title of the album, based on themes. Write simply: "My friends", "School years", "Humor", "Winter in the city", "Vacation". If you wish, you can rename the photoalbum, if you come up with a more interesting name.
In the name of the collection you can specify the date of obtaining photographs, place, author, event. In addition to the Russian language, you can use any foreign writing in Latin or Roman numerals. Some users add the name of figures, icons, hearts.
Show humor. Some pictures do not require great names. Remember the anecdote, the phrase of the day, a favorite expression of a loved one. For pictures of friends funny names are "the Circus left – clowns remained!", "Who are all these people?" "So I know a few". Show mischief. Make fun of oneself and others: "tili-Tili dough!", "Mothers and daughters", "Girls swam in the lake".
Show your erudition. Remember the line from the poem on an appropriate theme, a wise saying. Use the verses of the songs, quotes from popular movies. We can safely assign the albumfrom the name of the famous film "the dawns here are quiet", "Big change", "My fair lady". It all depends on your tastes, moods, fantasies and memories.
Think of a romantic name for the albumand where you placed the wedding pictures or pictures of a loved one: "the Secret of my happiness", "Love to the tips of the lashes", "Moments to live", "We believe in the miracle."
In the name of a series of photos, you can engage in a dialogue with friends: "we welcome your comments!", "Express your opinion", "what do you think?"
Take the time to watch, as named your albums by other users. If the idea is good, why not borrow? Ask friends, conduct a mini-survey. Connecting fantasy, you can come up with interesting and original title.