Start with finding the right font that will set the tone lettering and combined with the image in the picture. You can use the one of the sites where you can find and free download of fonts for every taste:,, etc.
Try, for example, to find the font on the website Use the table at the top of the page. Selecting the font, click on its name. Here you can see how will look the entire alphabet, if you use this font option. Pay attention to the fact that some fonts do not support Cyrillic. If you're undecided, press the "Download" button, which is located at the bottom of the page. Then click on the downloaded file twice, and in the dialog that appears, click "Install".
Now run the program Picasa, which you can download from the official developers website at select the desired photo on your computer. Open the photo by clicking on it twice. In the left panel, find the tab "Basic operations" and select "Text".
Will appear a toolbar where you can select the font (specified font will also be in the list), color, size, transparency, borders – in short, everything you need to create beautiful and original labels. You will also be able to move the inscription, to increase or decrease its size using the handy and intuitive tool management text. To save the result, press Ctrl+S or select File" Save as".