You will need
  • registration on the Dating site;
  • - your photos in electronic form.
Go to the main page of the Dating site. Before you can add personal photos, most of resources are required to register. Create a username and a strong password, usually need to specify an email address (for confirmation of registration), date of birth and your place of residence.
After completing the registration procedure on the website and filling out the questionnaire you should add a personal photo (or multiple photos).
Select "Add photo" and upload the images one by selecting Browse and finding the file Explorer of your computer the photos you need. Check the desired file and click "Open" and "Add".
Be prepared for the fact that some sites do not support batch loading of photos and if you want to upload large number of images, please be patient. After loading the first photo go to the second, etc.
Downloading the desired number of photos, go to your home page. Select the "photo Album", click on the "Add photos".
Edit the title and album description and click "Create". You will see a list of uploaded photos. Select the ones you want to send to and tap "Move".
You can sign each of the uploaded photos. To do this, open the photo on the page of the Dating site and select: "Add a description". Then, you may need to press the "Save"button.
Do not add other people's photos instead of their on a Dating site, if you really want to tie a real relationship with people and meet them directly outside of the Internet.
Choose the most successful photo, but it is not necessary to upload pictures taken a very long time, not corresponding to your age. In addition, many sites are not accepted (deleted by moderators) pictures of stars, pictures in which no person (with nature, animals, etc.), photos with children, too much explicit sex photography, etc.