Advice 1: How you get rid of fleas in a kitten

Fleas often attack an animal that has free access to the street and may be in contact with others. Little kittens fleas pass from mom. Erase unwanted "tenants" in several ways, but if the house is not one pet, treat all you need, even if fleas are not seen in the rest of the kittens.
How you get rid of fleas in a kitten
Buy flea shampoo and wash fuzzies. Use special shampoo that is designed for kittens. Funds for adult cats active ingredient that kills fleas, contains a larger dose and toddler can poison. Definitely after the time of exposure to thoroughly rinse the fur of the animal with clean running water.
If you don't want to wash the kittens, buy drops, are applied to the back of the neck. But this option is not suitable if the cat has access to their kids. It will begin to lick, and a toxic substance gets into her stomach. If you have one kitten, you can safely use drops. Buy them in the store.
Flea collar is used to eliminate parasites, but it is better to wear an animal after carrying out the basic measures, such as washing or applying drops. Active substances to cope with fleas within a few months of use.
If you have fleas, it is possible that there are worms. Corrode their suspension. Buy the appropriate dosage of medication. Do not feed the kitten for 3-8 hours, then pour the drug down the throat of an animal or add a small amount of food. After 2 weeks give the kitten another dose of the suspension.
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If after applying these tools, the animal began to vomit, remove the food and provide the necessary amount of fresh water. Can breed a quarter of activated charcoal tablets in a small amount of water and give the kitten. Observe his mood, if something scares you, immediately contact your veterinarian.

Advice 2: How you get rid of fleas from the cat

Often adult cats and kittens suffer from lesions of various parasites. Very well adapted for the existence on the body of Pets fleas are wingless insects, flattened laterally, and with serrated jaws. The saliva of fleas that enter the wound when they bite, cause allergic reactions, and the presence of large numbers of parasites can lead to anemia and cause the death of kittens.
How you get rid of fleas from the cat
Before you apply antiaritmicheskie drugs, remember a few simple rules:
- carefully study the label of the purchased assets. Some preparations are suitable for destroying fleas in dogs, but is contraindicated for cats because of their habit to lick;
- never mix drugs of different effects. You can use separate shampoos and sprays that can protect from parasites, but the simultaneous use of these means leads to poisoning;
- help prevent the appearance of fleas;
- using the drug for the first time, apply a dose less than recommended, in order to observe the behavior of cats;
- noticing a negative reaction, immediately bathe the cat in clean warm water and immediately show the animal to the vet.
Put a cat flea collar. Substances located on the surface of the tape, gradually transferred to the skin and fur of an animal and have a repellent effect on fleas. Since some types of collars are dangerous for kittens, sick and elderly cats, carefully read the instructions. Note that if the animal is heavily infested, the fleas can just move to the side of the tail, away from the spreading effect of the drug. Observe the behavior of the cat: the freedom-loving animals are not always willing to tolerate the presence of the collar on his body.
Wash your catusing a specially designed to kill fleas shampoo, soap or foam. Not nasilivata the snout of the animal, carefully avoid contact with nose, eyes and ears. After the instructions time, rinse thoroughly and wrap the cat in a towel. Try not to let him lick the wool to dry completely.
Use a special spray for cats. Gently but firmly grasp the animal by the scruff and within 3-4 seconds spray first along the back, and then down the belly. If it is not possible to carry out the procedure on the street, treat the cat in areas where no drinking water, food, aquariums.
Use the pipette to apply an anti-flea drops. Use the tool in the back between the shoulder blades of the cat or at the base of the skull near the neck. Follow the dosage specified in the instructions supplied with the drops.
Small scallop visivite of cat hair adult parasites and their larvae and eggs. To prevent fleas use bags made of thick cotton cloth filled with crushed leaves of wormwood. Place them in places where you like to sleep your cat, as the smell of this plant deters parasites.
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