Buy flea shampoo and wash fuzzies. Use special shampoo that is designed for kittens. Funds for adult cats active ingredient that kills fleas, contains a larger dose and toddler can poison. Definitely after the time of exposure to thoroughly rinse the fur of the animal with clean running water.
If you don't want to wash the kittens, buy drops, are applied to the back of the neck. But this option is not suitable if the cat has access to their kids. It will begin to lick, and a toxic substance gets into her stomach. If you have one kitten, you can safely use drops. Buy them in the store.
Flea collar is used to eliminate parasites, but it is better to wear an animal after carrying out the basic measures, such as washing or applying drops. Active substances to cope with fleas within a few months of use.
If you have fleas, it is possible that there are worms. Corrode their suspension. Buy the appropriate dosage of medication. Do not feed the kitten for 3-8 hours, then pour the drug down the throat of an animal or add a small amount of food. After 2 weeks give the kitten another dose of the suspension.