Advice 1: How you get rid of fleas in a kitten

Fleas often attack an animal that has free access to the street and may be in contact with others. Little kittens fleas pass from mom. Erase unwanted "tenants" in several ways, but if the house is not one pet, treat all you need, even if fleas are not seen in the rest of the kittens.
How you get rid of fleas in a kitten
Buy flea shampoo and wash fuzzies. Use special shampoo that is designed for kittens. Funds for adult cats active ingredient that kills fleas, contains a larger dose and toddler can poison. Definitely after the time of exposure to thoroughly rinse the fur of the animal with clean running water.
If you don't want to wash the kittens, buy drops, are applied to the back of the neck. But this option is not suitable if the cat has access to their kids. It will begin to lick, and a toxic substance gets into her stomach. If you have one kitten, you can safely use drops. Buy them in the store.
Flea collar is used to eliminate parasites, but it is better to wear an animal after carrying out the basic measures, such as washing or applying drops. Active substances to cope with fleas within a few months of use.
If you have fleas, it is possible that there are worms. Corrode their suspension. Buy the appropriate dosage of medication. Do not feed the kitten for 3-8 hours, then pour the drug down the throat of an animal or add a small amount of food. After 2 weeks give the kitten another dose of the suspension.
Useful advice
If after applying these tools, the animal began to vomit, remove the food and provide the necessary amount of fresh water. Can breed a quarter of activated charcoal tablets in a small amount of water and give the kitten. Observe his mood, if something scares you, immediately contact your veterinarian.

Advice 2 : How you get rid of fleas in a kitten at home

It's hard not to notice the emergence of the kitten of fleas. The animal becomes restless, scratching and scratching themselves, scratching and biting the affected area. Spare your pet from moving, wingless insects. And the sooner you begin the fight, the more effective it will be.
How you get rid of fleas in a kitten at home
You will need
  • - salt;
  • - comb with frequent teeth;
  • - tansy or wormwood;
  • - sawdust;
  • - flea collar;
  • - flea shampoo;
  • drops from fleas.
From the constant bites, the kitten may be inflammation of the skin, and even anemia from blood loss that can end in death of the animal. Therefore, fleas must be destroyed. But it is not recommended to use aggressive medications. Can try a gentle method of removing fleas. Pour into a basin of warm water and dissolve three tablespoons of salt. Lower the kitten into the prepared solution on the neck, soak ten minutes. Then wipe it dry with a towel and start to comb comb for fleas.
To get rid of fleas in a kitten, RUB the skin and coat of your pet with a decoction of tansy or wormwood. During the struggle with parasites from animal don't forget to disinfect places of a kitten (litter, house, chair, sofa). Pitch your pet a kind of mattress made of fresh sawdust. This will help repel the pesky blood-sucking parasites. Daily vacuum upholstered furniture and carpet, so you will be able to destroy flea larvae.
The most convenient and affordable means of dealing with fleas in kittens – flea collar. However, its use is not always effective, as the parasites migrate further from the collar to the rear of the animal. Furthermore, not all kittens will tolerate insecticidal collar, they hurry to get rid of it by all available means.
Buy a specialty shop for animal insecticidal shampoo. But you must make sure that it's designed specifically for kittens. Read the instructions carefully before applying shampoo. Often used to fight fleas special foam or soap. It is enough to lather a small segment of tissue, the tool and wipe the cat. Try to avoid getting soap in eyes, ears and nose of a kitten.
Ask for help to the vet. The technician will examine the animal and prescribe a special remedy for removing fleas from the kitten. It can be sprays, shampoos or effective drops which should be used once a month, causing the withers of the animal.
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