Advice 1: How you get rid of fleas in a kitten

Fleas often attack an animal that has free access to the street and may be in contact with others. Little kittens fleas pass from mom. Erase unwanted "tenants" in several ways, but if the house is not one pet, treat all you need, even if fleas are not seen in the rest of the kittens.
How you get rid of fleas in a kitten
Buy flea shampoo and wash fuzzies. Use special shampoo that is designed for kittens. Funds for adult cats active ingredient that kills fleas, contains a larger dose and toddler can poison. Definitely after the time of exposure to thoroughly rinse the fur of the animal with clean running water.
If you don't want to wash the kittens, buy drops, are applied to the back of the neck. But this option is not suitable if the cat has access to their kids. It will begin to lick, and a toxic substance gets into her stomach. If you have one kitten, you can safely use drops. Buy them in the store.
Flea collar is used to eliminate parasites, but it is better to wear an animal after carrying out the basic measures, such as washing or applying drops. Active substances to cope with fleas within a few months of use.
If you have fleas, it is possible that there are worms. Corrode their suspension. Buy the appropriate dosage of medication. Do not feed the kitten for 3-8 hours, then pour the drug down the throat of an animal or add a small amount of food. After 2 weeks give the kitten another dose of the suspension.
Useful advice
If after applying these tools, the animal began to vomit, remove the food and provide the necessary amount of fresh water. Can breed a quarter of activated charcoal tablets in a small amount of water and give the kitten. Observe his mood, if something scares you, immediately contact your veterinarian.

Advice 2 : How to rid a kitten of fleas

Fleas – a small wingless insects that live on the skin of the animal and feed on blood. Cats that have contact with individuals living on the street, they are fairly common. In one animal can live up to 200 parasites. But if the adult cats they bring only physical suffering, the fleas, the kitten can be dangerous for life, therefore, they need to get rid of.
How to rid a kitten of fleas
You will need
  • - flea shampoo;
  • - tar soap.
In selling, there are special shampoos with the addition of components that destroy fleas. If you are going to use them for the kitten, keep in mind that the tool should be adapted under young age, otherwise a large dose of toxins is able to win not only fleas, but also to poison the baby.
The old and proven method that helps get the fleas in a kitten, which includes bathing with tar soap. Coal-tar soap can be purchased in pharmacies, and it is several times cheaper than a fancy shampoo. To destroy fleas, it is necessary to thoroughly wet the coat and the undercoat of the animal, and then lather it, down to the skin. Special attention should be paid to the abdomen and the back, since that is where fleas congregate in especially large numbers. After that, it is desirable to hold the animal in a tub or basin for at least five minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with soap.
Removing fleas is a long process, so be prepared for the fact that after the first swim can be new instances of parasites because the skin are the eggs of fleas. In order to reduce this probability, after bathing, put the animal on a dark cloth and carefully comb out the hair comb. On the black cloth combed the eggs of fleas are visible to the naked eye.
After bathing, to prevent the emergence of new parasites can be worn on special kitten flea collar. He scares the adults of parasites and is valid up to three months. If the animal is walking on the street, such a collar is simply necessary.
Be sure to thoroughly wash bedding where the kitten slept, or replace it with a new one. Remain on the fabric the larvae and eggs of fleas.
Parasites do to a little kitten that they can lead to the development of anemia. The more the kitten of fleas, the less it is force for the maintenance of life.
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