Find out the exact age of your kitten. Remember that while pet was not three weeks, it is impossible to apply any treatments. In the extreme case, only under the supervision of a veterinarian. But then, he probably will offer to have patience and wait for the required age.
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Make sure that the mother cat no longer feeding the kitten with her milk. This rule is important for those who have in one house contains and a parent and his child. If the main product that consumes your pet is still milk a cat, you'll excommunicate him from her. Or again, wait for the moment when he becomes absolutely independent. This is important for the reason that parasite eggs of some species are passed to the kitten from mother's milk.
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Visit a vet or pet store. As a rule, in such institutions are qualified professionals who can advise the right medicine.
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Print fleas. After all, fleas are the main carriers of the parasites. For this purpose use special medication in the form of droplets on the withers or powders for bathing (also sold in taapaca). In the breeding of fleas it is important to know that animals for these insects only for sustenance, and live fleas in natural carpets and woven carpets. So pay close attention to serious cleaning the apartment, shake and vacuum the carpets.
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Give the kitten a cure for worms. Here depending on the kind of medication there are several ways to feed them a pet. If it drops that you simply drip in to the animal mouth, then extra problems will not arise. However, the pills and powders you need to give the kitten more cunning, wrap the medication in a favorite treat of your pet, it pre-chopped.
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Will propecia similarly all animals in the house. Remember that parasites are contagious.
Help the prevention of this disease. Because as you clean, the worms can easily move into your body. Better to protect yourself from this.
Take care of prevention of the disease in cats, prolechivaya her special medication every three months.