You will need
  • - insecticidal shampoo;
  • spray "frontline"
  • - drop the "front line".
Modern pet stores are filled with a variety of drugs that help fight the blood sucking insects. But to find a more appropriate tool is recommended to go to the vet, which will help to make the right choice. Effective and harmless way to combat fleas is insecticidal shampoos. They are deadly for fleas and is completely safe for your Pets. Follow the instructions precisely and carefully rinse the shampoo, then comb the hair comb. The only thing the cat can actively resist.
блохи у щенков 2 недели
Spray "frontline" is absolutely safe way to remove fleas even have a pregnant cat. Spray this drug throughout the animal's coat, keeping the bottle at a distance of ten to twenty centimeters. Spray in the direction of hair growth, so she soaked to the skin. If the cat is long-haired, comb the pile to a therapeutic agent has penetrated as deeply as possible (to the skin). To treat the face of the animal, apply the spray on a gloved hand and gently massage the drug. The tool active for one to three months. If you keep an animal on the street and make a treatment every four weeks.
вывести блох у хомячка
Can use drops instead of spray "frontline", which are used by the targeted application of the drug on the skin, which is much more convenient. Before use, break off the tip of the ampoule and pull the wool in shoulder area, i.e. between the shoulder blades (so the cat couldn't lick it off). Click on the eyedropper and squeeze in a few spots along the spine. After that, the drug alone spread across the skin within days. The duration drops to two months. When working observe good personal hygiene and safety. The drug has passed laboratory tests and is completely safe for animals, it has no side effects on pregnant and lactating cats.
что давать для того чтобы у кота прочистился желудок от шерсти?