To get rid of ear mites in the cat is not easy. First of all it is necessary to more thoroughly clean the ears. You will need a special lotion that can be bought in veterinary pharmacy. If such drug use purified vegetable oil. Dip in it a cotton swab and gently clean off the crust. Especially carefully proceed inside ear canal. If the crust sticks, drip into the ear a little bit of lotion, massage your sink, and then proceed to clean. Oil in the ears drops should not be.
Cat to avoid scratching, wrap it in a towel. Fix the paws of an animal - most likely, the pet will break out. Try not to cause the cat pain, however, do not stop the procedure until the ear canal will not be cleaned.
The next stage is treatment. To kill ticks produce a lot of different drugs. The most reliable tools of a new generation ear drops that kill the mites at all stages of development. Proceed according to the instructions on the package. You usually need to put in each ear, a couple drops, and then, tilting the animal's head, massaging at the base of the ear. Don't let the cat shake its head - the drug must be in the ear passage.
After 2-3 days routine cleaning and backfilling will have to repeat, even if you think that the crusts in the ear anymore. If crusts and purulent secretions are still a lot of clean up for the third time. If you have other Pets, spend preventive treatment and ear mites are very contagious and usually affects all Pets in contact with each other.
Instead of dripping in the ears you can use drugs that can be imposed on the withers. They are particularly effective as preventive measures. These drops are ideal for animals with free access to the street. They effectively destroy not only ear mites, but also fleas and other skin parasites. Apply a little bit of money on the withers of an animal should not be able to lick. Re-treatment is not required - the tool works for several weeks.