First you will need to get rid of insect pests your Pets - cats or dogs. For this purpose special preparations in sufficient quantity sold in specialized stores. Now they can buy the drugs along with the fleas will destroy the coat of your animals and other uninvited guests - ear mites, for example.
Treatment of animals is only the first step. Fleas spread their eggs around the house, so you need to handle carpet and floors. For this purpose there are special aerosols, the lack of which specialty stores also do not. It should be remembered that just before the spraying must bring home animals and clean the aquarium with fish. The aerosol is sprayed throughout the house, including walls and ceilings. In two hours the room should be aired and make it wet cleaning.
It so happens that the Pets in the house and fleas are still there. This means that they are making incursions into the house from the cellar, which are infested with rodents. So you need to clean the basement from accumulated debris and then spread out means destroying rodents. Such products are sold in specialized stores.
In the wild animals fleeing from fleas with the help of wormwood. Bloodsucking insects can't stand the smell of this herb. To prevent their occurrence, you can put the bushes of wormwood around the house, wherever possible. In addition to sage, you can use tansy. This herb also do not favor fleas.