Purchase veterinary pharmacy special flea shampoo and follow the specified instructions on it, wash the kitten. When buying always check whether you can use this shampoo for kittens, or is it designed to handle only adult cats. If the sale is not the shampoo for small furries, in any case, do not purchase or attempt to bring fleas from the kitten adult animals a high content of toxic products can cause severe poisoning kitten. When washing do not use on hair with lot of shampoo to enhance its effectiveness it will not, but fully flush it will be more difficult. After exposure to shampoo several times to thoroughly rinse the coat of your pet with lukewarm water.
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Get the fleas from the kitten and using the special drops, are applied to the withers of the animal. They also need to only purchase from the vet. The number of drops which you will be required to drip a kitten, check with the vet or with the seller of the pharmacy it is calculated according to the age of the animal. Apply the required amount of drops exactly on the withers, so the kitten was not able to lick. In that case, if your pet lives with a mother cat abandon this method of removing fleas from him - licking her baby, an adult cat will lick and drops that can cause it poisoning.
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In that case, if the kitten lives with her mother or with her brothers and sisters, it is necessary at one time to have fleas all animals. If your pet lives in the house alone, but out on the street, after the elimination of parasites in one of the methods previously described will buy from the vet and put on his flea collar, an active substance which for several months will be reliable to protect your little pet from re-infestation by fleas.
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