Thus, in order to obtain the right to drive the tractor, you first need to take a course to manage this technique. You can prepare yourself, and you can do it in special centers of training of drivers of self-propelled vehicles. Course duration will be only 2-2,5 months, and the cost of learning is available to everyone. For admission to the course, you will need to submit the following documents: passport, personal application of admission, a medical certificate (form 083/ - item No. 9 "is Suitable to the management of tractors and other self-propelled vehicles"), photos, copy of driver's license (if any).
In the learning process, you will be able to study the structure and maintenance of self-propelled vehicles, road traffic rules, the basics of safe operation and vehicle control. In addition, you will learn to provide first aid. Of course, the bulk of the learning will take practical classes.
After completing the course you will receive a certificate of training. Many courses also conduct exams in the Gostekhnadzor.
Examinations and issuing of certificates are carried out by the authorities of state technical control of your registered residence. Before the exam you will have to pay the duty and collect.
After you successfully pass the exam for operators of self-propelled vehicles, you will be issued a certificate of the tractor operator-machinist (the tractor operator) for a period of 10 years. Upon expiration of the certificate is considered invalid and must be replaced.