You will need
  • The documents, the theoretical knowledge and practical skills
Before exams at the tractor right, go through the training. It can go in institutions at Gostekhnadzor, technical schools and colleges of a corresponding profile, some driving schools. The law permitted self-preparation for the exam. The exam is taken by the authorities of state technical control in the place of registration.
For obtaining the certificate of the tractor operator-the machinist assemble the package of documents:
- application for issuance of a license;
receipt about payment of state duty for issuance of a license;
- the appropriate medical certificate;
- two photos 3x4;
- driver's licence (if any);
- the document on passage of training (not required if training was held independently).
After receipt and review of all documents by the examination Board appoints the place and date of the exam.
Before exams complete the individual card. Together with a passport it is provided to the examiner. You first need to pass the theoretical exam for the safe operation of self-propelled machines. Followed by a theoretical exam on the rules of the road. It can be taken on exam papers or using personal computers. If you have a driver's license to take the exam in the SDA is not required. In addition, a test providing pre-hospital medical care. In case of failure of at least one theoretical exam retake re-appointed within a period of not less than 7 days. The estimate on these exams is valid for 3 months.
The next stage is a comprehensive practical exam on the practical driving skills, safe operating practices and traffic regulations. It takes place in two stages: at the site (trackcontrol) and on a special route in the real world. For successful completion of the first stage it is necessary to be able to perform the following operations on the Quad: snake, turn in a limited space, motion in a straight line, check in the box. For errors penalty scores. To obtain certificate, penalty points should be no more than 5. Persons who do not pass the exam, go for a resit. In case of not passing the practical exam three times in a row, the next submission will be possible only after additional training with the submission of an appropriate document.
The identity of a tractor-driver categories "A" gives the right to operate motor vehicles (ATVs, snowmobiles and other off-road motosredstva, not intended for public roads. For too 16.