You will need
  • - Document that certifies the identity of the owner of a moped;
  • - Document certifying payment of fees;
  • - Passport moped (if issued);
  • - A document that confirms ownership of a moped (for example, a contract of sale);
  • - A document that confirms your authority in the implementation of the registration of a moped;
  • - The insurance policy on compulsory insurance of vehicles or a civil liability;
  • - Registration marks of a moped or the character "transit", if such is issued;
  • - Evidence that the design of the moped meets the security requirements.
You should contact the registration authority at the place of residence with a passport proving your identity.
In MREO you should get specially designed for the registration forms and fill them.
In the forms necessary to enter data of the owner, the name of the moped model and specify engine number, frame year, as well as the place and time of acquisition of the registered vehicle.
You must sign the document, confirming the data entered. (If necessary, this document will verify your ownership of the moped if you need it in the future).
The inspector checks the numbers that appear on the form with the actual numbers on the bike and writes the TCP.
Bike is assigned and you will receive a state number. You need only to fasten license plates to a vehicle.