Exam in the traffic police consists of three parts. The first is a computer test on knowledge of traffic rules. The subject must answer 20 questions for 20 minutes, allowed no more than two errors. The questions deal with various situations on the road and of certain provisions of the regulations and their annexes.
In the driving school with the study of theory begins training. You can prepare yourself for two weeks if you dedicate at least two hours a day.
The second component of the test and demonstration of driving skills on the racetrack (the"site").
Clients driving schools exercises you need to perform is usually accomplished, not without cramming.
When learning from a private instructor with the ground can be difficult. Unauthorized access to training areas used by driving schools usually closed. But there are exceptions. Should also try to negotiate privately with the instructors driving schools: for them, the money never are not redundant.
Finally, the last and most difficult stage of driving in the city. Often the first attempt of its leases on the strength of one-tenth of the applicants rights.
To increase your chances of getting into the narrow circle of the lucky ones you can only one way: training, training and again training.Learning driving is very individual. So, if you feel insecure, better to invest in the extra hours of driving in driving school or externally. Also try to work out not only the examination route, but also those which intend to ride more often. For example, "home - work – home". After obtaining the rights to all the most interesting only begins.