You will need
  • - driver's license category B;
  • - 3 years experience of driving;
  • - funds for training in driving school;
  • the medical card.
Go to a driving school. In order to obtain the license category D, you must have a document confirming the fact that you 3 years driving a car (technical passport, protocols, driver's license category B). And 30-40 thousand roubles for training. You expect 2.5 months of persistent preparation for the exam. During this time, you will need to visit the 24 theoretical and 14 practical classes. Most driving schools for practical training gives the car a HOLE.
Very seriously consider for practical classes, especially if you have never traveled by bus. Driving a bus is harder than it looks. When the course is completed, you will have a exam.
Hand over the exam. Before the exam you will be asked to present your medical card, passport (without them you will not be allowed to pass the test). The exam is essentially the same as for category B. 1-I part of the exam tests on the computer (theory), part 2 - exercises on the racetrack (site) part 3 - ride around town (practice). The most complicated is the last part of the exam, because the maneuverability of the Hole is very, very low.
After passing the exam, go to the driving school with their old rights. Take a picture of you and issue the license category D.