Registration of small vessels, including self-made, held in the GIMS – the State Inspection on Small size Vessels. Such inspection in each region.
For registration in GIMS take a standard form and write the application for permission to build a small vessel. It specify the type of vessel, your passport number, place of residence and telephone number.
Attach to the application a drawing of the General layout with numbered elements of the design and the lines drawing of your boat in three planes: side - by-side view, Poloshirt – top view of the case – the front and the back. If a drawing is not created on the computer and by hand and pencil, make a copy of it and check provide.
If the boat motor, attach to the application a diagram of the location of mechanical plant and equipment. Your boat will need to inspect the inspector GIMS, the results of the inspection will be made a conclusion on the conformity of the boat with the necessary requirements.
When registering you must provide receipts for used in the construction materials. So, when purchasing them, be sure to take and keep receipts. Remember that cash register receipts tend to fade, so always ask for receipts. Cashier's check can be protect from fading, by storing in an opaque envelope in the refrigerator.
If your boat is the installation of the sail area of over five square meters, you will need the right sailing gear. With a sail up to five square meters, you can swim without a license.
At the end of the registration process, you will get a ship's ticket, giving permission to use your boat. In this case, you necessarily have to complement her medical kit, repair kit, sound signal, floating the bucket and other equipment – full list will be presented in the documents issued.