Moscow is equipped with Western appliances, with the roads now follow the camera. They automatically record any traffic violation, take a picture of your car and send you to the database of violators, after your home comes a letter along with a photo and account.
But what if you don't live in residence? And every time you are stopped by the traffic police, show them the documents, without giving a chance to "break" your car? You remain in happy ignorance. So Turkey will not make it.
In addition, unpaid time fine can lead to imprisonment. It is written in the Code of Administrative Offences. Under article 20.25, "failure to pay an administrative fine within the period stipulated by the present Code, shall entail the imposition of an administrative fine in the double amount of the unpaid administrative fine or an administrative arrest for up to fifteen days. Leaving the place of serving administrative arrest entails administrative arrest for up to fifteen days".
You can sign up at the reception in the traffic police, to find the time to stand in line and get a receipt.
The police goes to the Internet. Now all the information you need is on the official portal of the traffic police - There is a section "Drivers", there you can find everything: how expensive fines, is treated as a violation, and, of course, the list of debtors.
So, we need section "Drivers" in it "Violations and penalties", where we find the item "Address and receipt. Get to the page where we are asked to choose a region after you select the unit in which fined. And all telephone numbers, location, contact details for the Bank. You can pay for.
There is another option to go to the website and everything about myself to know there. On the page you need to fill in two fields: the state number of the vehicle and driver's license number and the answer you will get here.
By the way, you need to remember that if your fine is dated, say, 2009, and reminded you about it in 2011 at a traffic police post, you have the right not to pay. But this system is valid only in one case if you don't knock the Bailiffs, and do not come to a subpoena.
However, it is better to check before playing with the law. To make it easy. You need only visit the website of the service of Judicial Bailiffs On the page find the item "debt information" after you enter your data. If you are not in the database, so your soul is pure and the State you claim has not. Can safely go on vacation, but to comply with traffic rules is still necessary, otherwise these sites can be among the first of your bookmarks.