Automation of communication of the State inspection of safety of traffic affected not only the procedure of fixing of violations of traffic rules on the roads, but also in many other fields. For example, today it is possible to check, whether the driver for unpaid fines, without leaving your computer.

The data necessary for checking fines

In order to carry out such verification will require a certain amount of information about the car, which moves the driver. In particular, before sitting down at the computer with the intention to verify the existence of penalties for violation of traffic rules, we should recall the state registration number of your car and the serial number of the certificate of registration of the vehicle. These data will be required in order to obtain the desired information.

Check fines

After the necessary data is prepared, you can proceed directly to checkout. To do this, visit the official website of the state traffic Inspectorate of the interior Ministry, which is right on the main page offers drivers a range of services online. One of them is necessary in this case, a service called "Check".

However, before you press the right button, verify that the system correctly identified your region by IP address of the computer from which you logged on to the network. If so, in the upper right corner of the home page will display the name of the Federation: this means that at the moment the portal is connected to the base of the traffic police of your region, and data that is provided by user are correct. If the display region does not correspond to reality, it needs to be changed, choosing from a list the correct area of your residence.

By necessary training, you can proceed directly to checkout. To do this, go to the online service "Check" by pressing the corresponding button on the main page. When the transition is made, you will see a form which you need to enter a pre-prepared data of the state registration number of your vehicle, series and number of certificate of registration of the vehicle. In addition, you will need to enter the security code given on the same page, which serves to protect the system from robots. Subsequent pressing the button "Request" will cause a pop-up window where you will be given information about the presence or lack of fines for violation of traffic rules.