You will need
  • phone;
  • - Internet;
  • - money.
Despite the fact that we do not always remember when and where violated, the circumstances under which we were fined, do not leave this matter unattended. Most often fines are issued for offences in the field of traffic. In this case, contact the traffic police by providing inspectors with one of these documents was either driver's license number. In the search database impact information for all administrative traffic fines that are available today.
If this does not suit you, please call the bailiffs at his residence, find out their work schedule and in the allotted appointment time visit this resort. They have the most complete information about all your administrative offencesx - bailiffs can provide it in the form of a printout. After this head to the nearest Bank, fill the necessary receipts and pay the fines.
Remember that the penalties for administrative offences not always be issued directly by inspectors on the road, a large number of special cameras fixes them automatically through photo and video. And then are formed of the payment receipt of penalties for the offense that is sent to the registration address of the vehicle owner. If your registration address and actual place of residence do not match, take the trouble to independently verify the presence of fines in the traffic police.
Please have the passport and the INN to fill certain count. Currently, citizens is significantly simplified system, in which you can learn about administrative offencesH. Enough presence at home or work the Internet. Go to the website on the official website of your regional or district inspection, the section "online services" enter your personal information and get the necessary information for all assessed you with penalties. Print out an automatically generated receipt and pay it at the Bank.