Inquire about the available fines of the traffic police on a special page of the online verification and payment of arrears. Through this service, you will be able not only to find the traffic police fines free, but to subscribe to the new fines, which will come to your email Inbox. This will help to delay payment and to always stay updated of the changes, and completely free.
Specify in the first field the number of your car and the number of the certificate on its registration, to find out traffic fines. To receive notifications about new fines need to mark the appropriate option. Then click "Check penalties" and wait for results. Here you can find information about how to repay the debt.
Please visit the "My fines", which also allows to obtain the necessary information without unnecessary cost. The feature of this site is that it is possible to inquire about a specific debt. Enter in the appropriate box the number of orders. In this case, you can read all the fines. For this you need to specify the numbers of car and driving license.
Print the receipt for payment of the fine directly from the site, if you want to speed up the process and avoid extra work in the Bank. Just click on the printer, which is located next to the fine. The resulting form will contain a clause, which was violated during movement.