Check your fines on the official website of the traffic police. Fill out the form, which specify the state the car number and technical passport. If you own several cars, respectively, indicate each of them. After data processing program will provide you with dates of violations and fines to pay. Especially pay attention to the dates, the late payment penalty more than 30 days is cause for initiating administrative proceedings with all the consequences.
If it is not possible to test using the site to learn about outstanding fines in the terminal. These devices are in the district and city departments of traffic police. Enter the required data – the surname, name and patronymic; address and registration details of the car. The machine will give a list of fines to pay them selectively. To do this in front of each mark, the device will generate the total amount to be paid. As a rule, if you can not repay the entire debt, pay first the most long-standing violations. Immediately, you can pay selected fines to do this, insert the receiver and wait for receipt. If you can not pay without change, the terminal will offer to transfer it to your mobile phone.
Check the fines when applying for vehicle registration in the traffic police. Typically, this unpleasant discovery, but without payment of the debt documents for withdrawal or for registration, you will not take. In this case, use terminal or Bank branch. Normally, Bank branches are located in the immediate vicinity of the departments of the traffic police.
Check your fines on the posts. They are equipped with special devices. Many patrol cars also have systems for checking fines. Stop at the post and ask the duty inspector to "break" your fines. However, keep in mind that if it detects overdue fines for a large sum, you run the risk of directly from the post to go first to the Department of traffic police, where you will lead an administrative case on non-payment, and then to the bailiffs.