The most traditional way – visit the local branch of the traffic police. You must come to the office and contact the Department administrative practices. Remember that you need to have a driver's license.
In Moscow it is possible to verify the penalty of traffic police at a police post, but only if they have the appropriate base. About other regions of Russia is still unknown.
You can check for an unpaid fine on the phone. For this you need to call the operator in the same administrative practice Department of your local branch of the traffic police. If you don't know on the phone, call in help. You give the room attendant calling which you can easily recognize the number.
Recently two new opportunities to learn about the availability of unpaid traffic fines for the violation. To do this, no need to call or go. Need a computer connected to the Internet.
In the second case, it is sufficient to have a mobile phone. Unfortunately, to obtain information through the Internet about the availability of unpaid fines can only citizens registered on the territory of these regions: the Voronezh, Ryazan, Tula regions, as well as Stavropol and Krasnodar regions and the Republic of Adygea. But the developers are actively working to expand the base and promised soon to increase the list of active regions. To know the presence of traffic fines for violation of cell phone: you need to collect on the screen of your phone a text request for the traffic police, then a blank space, indicate driver's license number, then a blank space, specify the registration number of the vehicle. After this you should send the query text to the short number 9112. Service charge, costs 10 RUB.
In order to obtain the information you need to visit the site You will need to specify in the fields the Protocol number or your plate number and your driver's license number. You can generate and print bills ПД4 on any your fine. If there are pictures of traffic violations, it is possible to copy or simply to consider carefully. On online you can view the entire list of unpaid fines, included a Department number, article number, number of orders and the amount of the fine. It should be noted that the service may become unstable because of the large influx of wanting to check for outstanding traffic fines.