To check the penalties first and foremost, calling or going to the Department of administrative practice of traffic police in your area. To this end, the departments of traffic police held a reception of citizens. Anyone can get a copy of a lost receipt and pay outstanding fines in the SAI.
Also learn about their unpaid fines to the traffic police, it is now possible through the Internet. To obtain such information it is possible to use the Unified portal of public and municipal services
To know your outstanding fines, you will need to register on the website of public services. To complete registration you will need to specify the number SNILS (green card issued by the Pension Fund and contains your individual insurance number) and INN (tax number of the individual taxpayer).
On to learn the penalties you will need to enter the car number and driver license number.
Also now possible to learn about their fines to the traffic police by sending an SMS message. Send a message with the text :

"STSI (space) no TS( space) no WOO.
The room 9112, but it is a paid service. For each unpaid fine, you'll be charged 5 rubles.